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32 - 戦時収容所の卒業式 - 校長祝辞

1943 Canal High School Principal's Graduation Message

J.P. McVey
Principal                    June 1943

My experience with young Americans of Japanese ancestry has been most pleasant and stimulating. It has also been enlightening.

Expecting to find bitterness and resentment I found cheerfulness and appreciation; where I feared to find a tendency toward a foreign loyalty, I have found an aggressive loyalty to America, a loyalty that persists and grows in the midst of a war hysteria that subjects the so many persecutions and heart-sickening insults.

For these Young American citizens of Japanese ancestry place their trust in the Atlantic Charter and the Four Freedoms. They are distrustful of an ideology that advocates race superiority. They know that their grandparents came to this country to enjoy the privileges and benefits of a social order subscribing to the proposition that ‘all men are created equal.’ They place their trust in the Constitution and the law of these United States which they understand rather than in vague predictions of a ‘new order’ forced upon unwilling people by military aggressors.

Thousands of high schools in the United States are presenting their graduates in commencement exercises. Canal High School joins company with them and presents its Class of '43. You will find them courteous, industrious, ambitious, intelligent and fiercely loyal to this nation. They are ready and able to take their rightful place as citizens. They will keep the faith; they will help build a greater America and a safer and kindlier world. (End of the speech)

There were 2 high schools in Relocation Centers in Rivers, Arizona, Canal High School and Butte High School. Canal High School in Gila River's Relocation Center had its first graduation ceremony on June 25, 1943 with 137 seniors receiving their diplomas.

Translation into Japanese

1943年 昭和18年 キャナル・ハイスクール 校長メッセージ

校長 J.P.マックベイ         1943年6月











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